Toy Library

As part of our on going work with LiveLink Kosovo the Kosova Support Group has recently embarked on a new project in Kacanik and in Runjeve a village close to Kacanik, a Toy Library.

The purpose of the toy library is to reach out to young families, giving mums the opportunity to meet together and  to give their pre school children the opportunity to play with each other and the educational toys provided for their use.  The children will then be allowed to take a toy home and play with it until the next meeting when they will bring it back and exchange it for a different toy.

A small committee of mums who have young children has been formed to oversee the running of the toy library.

The main aims of the group are to provide play time for the children, teaching them how to play on their own as well as with each other and also provide a place where mums can meet socially as well as a place where they can benefit from many different aspects of health education which can be provided for them.

The toy library will meet in two different centres on a fortnightly basis.  One of the meeting places is in a spare classroom which has been provided by the school in Runjeve. A new carpet has been laid on the floor and some new toys have been purchased.

The other group in Kacanik is meeting in a family home at the moment.  Work needs to be carried out to make the room which has been offered to them, by the local library, fit for purpose.

The response so far from the mums has been that of surprise, gratitude and thanks for this new initiative one of them saying, “  it’s impossible for us to take the children outside of the house without reason and now such a thing is being made  possible”