We can’t just walk away!

During the past fifteen years of visiting and helping people in need in Kosova there have been times we we have said it just can’t get any worse than this, well it has.

We first came across a family living just outside Pristina three years ago and at that time we were shocked by their living conditions and family circumstances. Over the years, from time to time so that they did not become dependent on us, we have helped them with clothing, food and wood for the winter but their actual living conditions have deteriorated even further and we can longer stand by waiting for a municipality or other organisation to help them. So, small as we are, we have undertaken to help them improve their situation. We will have a lot of fundraising to do over the next six or eight months but we can’t just walk away.

We feel we are unable to use names or show photographs on such a public place to protect the dignity of the family but if you would like further information on how you could help please email us info@kosovasupportgroup.org