The social aspect of our Easter trip.

It is four weeks now since we returned from our Easter trip to Kosova and it was indeed a busy week with much having been achieved.

One of the luxuries particularly for the guys doing the practical work was to  come home after a hard days work to very comfortable accommodation in Runjeve.  The facility has recently been renovated and consists of a traditional Kosovar dwelling house and a very traditional Pleme, also a dwelling. Known as Hangjik this bed and breakfast accommodation is now taking bookings for visitors to the country who wish to spend time in a cultural setting and of course is ideal for people like us bringing teams to Kosova


While we were there it was great to have the opportunity to meet with a group of journalists from New York, the Netherlands South Africa, Australia and the UK all of whom were in Kosova with Political Tours   As part of their tour the group made a visit to Runjeve as they were keen to visit a rural village to discover what life was like before and during the war and how that has impacted on life today. Traditional food was prepared by the extended Berisha family and the afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by the visitors and was very informative for us too.

As well as Political Tours we were also very privilaged to spend time with John McCarthy and his producer who were visiting Kosova.  John was gathering information for his radio programme ‘Saturday Live’  and was keen to interview Mary and Alan Packer about Hangjik  for a programme which was to be broadcast on 27th April.  Again we enjoyed a very traditional Kosovar meal together and enjoyed sharing our experiences in Kosova with this very humble unassuming gentleman.


Our good friend Elizabeth Gowing was also in Runjeve with John McCarthy and it was great to spend time catching up on her news and her work with the Roma Community in Fuse Kosove

On reflection it was a roller coaster week with many highs and many lows but one we hope will have impacted the team members in a positive way and have been an encouragement to the people of Kacanik and Runjeve as we aim to help them at their point of need.