Summer team 2014

At the beginning of the year after a number of meetings, three guys Rory Eves, Ricky McNeely and Alan Duddy confirmed that along with Colin and Gail they would travel to Kosova in July to participate in the 2014 summer team.  Rory and Ricky had been to Kosova before but for Alan it was to be his first trip.

Over the following months various fund raising events were organised to raise the money required to facilitate the team activities and on 7th July they left Dublin for Kosova.

As in previous years the itinerary included social activities for women and children, family visits and the delivery of food packages to very poor families identified to us by SOS Kinderdorf.

Twenty six families received food packages.


Around 150 children attended the various activities.





Our four translators, Nina, Laurjeta, Teuta and Sabrije, did a brilliant job, a big thank you to them, also to Nazmi and Kadrije Berisha, Alan and Mary Packer and the staff of Kinderdorf, without all of these lovely folk our work would be so much more difficult.