Summer Team 2013

For the past six months preparations have been underway for the KSG short term team visit to Kosova this summer. 

Between the 6th and 20th July a group of eight, Aly Coyle, Rachael  Harbinson, Selen Irvine, Ricky McNeely, Josh Harbinson, Rory Eves and Colin and Gail Dewar will be running kids clubs and women’s groups in the Albanian, Serbian and Roma communities of Pristina and Kacanik.  The team will also carry out home visits and deliver food to needy and vulnerable families identified to them by social services and SOS Kinderdorf.

They will be working with four local translators, Nina, Laurjeta,  Sabrije and Kadrije, without these girls none of our work would be possible. Nina and Laurjeta will live with the team for the 10 days which we hope will not be too stressful for them as they try to understand our western European ways!

We trust our time spent spent in Kosova will be an encouragement and a blessing to both the local and international people we will come into contact with.