Newsletter 2013



 Helping people at their point of need

April 2014

Another year in the life of the Kosova Support Group has passed and once again so much has been achieved because of the financial, prayerful and physical get up and go support of so many people.

The toy libraries in Runjeve and Kaςanik were well underway by mid February and in desperate need of new educational toys for the children, all pre school age.  The Early Learning Centre were more than helpful when we went to purchase what we needed so a big thank you to them.

Easter saw the delivery to Kosova of the Silver Mitsubishi jeep along with a small trailer filled with toys.  The vehicle would be donated to Smile International at a later date. Andrew McCullough, Darren McGarrity and Phillip Dewar took the long road trip and arrived safely on Easter Sunday.  After some needed rest they joined Michael Leech in the renovation of a new vaccination clinic for the Health House in Kaςanik. This has made a huge difference to the doctors and nurses and particularly to the mums with their young children and to the elderly folk who no longer have to climb two flights of stairs to get to get to the “clinic” Thanks guys a job well done!

July saw the arrival of the summer team in Kosova. Rachael Harbinson, Aly Coyle, Selen Irvine, Rory Eves, Josh Harbinson and Ricky McNeely spent a busy ten days, visiting families, delivering food, and running kids clubs for Albanian, Serbian and Roma children. A special thanks to our translators, Nina, Laurjeta and Sabrije, without these girls none of this work would be possible, their enthusiasm and patience with us all was amazing.

After the team left in July Colin and Gail visited Smile International in Gjakova, a town in the south west of Kosova to deliver the silver jeep for use in their palliative care programme. Kaςanik are in the early stages of replicating their work in their community.

While we were with Smile in Gjakova  we discovered that essential dressings and medication were in very short supply and couldn’t be sourced in the country.  As a result when Colin and Gail returned home they began a fund raising campaign to purchase some of the dressings required and in October Gail delivered some of what had been purchased to Smile and the rest to the Health House in Kaςanik. Without the help of a local pharmacist this would not have been possible and we thank him on behalf of all who will benefit from these dressings.

During the October trip Gail visited a family she has known for 13 years now.  Mehrije’s  living conditions are very poor and she struggles to feed and clothe her children.  A number of years ago a Swiss organisation gave her a cow which was a huge help to her as it not only provided milk for the family to drink but also enabled her to make cheese, yoghurt and many of the traditional Kosovar dishes which need milk and cream. As well as producing milk the cow also had a calf each year which Mehrije was able to sell the cow giving her money to pay for her electric and other amenities. Unfortunately through no fault of her own this Mehrije had to sell her cow which was a devastating blow. Again with the help of folks in Holywood money was sent  at the beginning of December  she was able to buy a new cow and calf, a lifeline had been restored.

Our Christmas appeal this year raised an amazing £1300. This money will be used for food parcels and to buy specialised mattresses for the palliative care programme in Kaςanik.

As the year drew to a close thoughts turned to plans for 2014. A small team will be in Kosova at Easter to do some practical work and to continue our work with women and children in Pristina and Kaςanik. We also hope to form closer links with the church in Ferizaj.

A summer team is also planned for July.

To everyone who has supported us during 2103 a big thank you, lives have been changed, circumstances improved, and people encouraged. Without your help it just wouldn’t have been possible.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

Ephesians 3 verse 20.