Hope and Aid Lorry

On a number of occasions volunteers have driven vehicles to Kosova for us, five emergency ambulances and two 4×4 jeeps.  These vehicles have always been laden with medical supplies,  items for the Fire Service in Kacanik and toys for the Toy Library

In October 2013 we had a request from the palliative care team at Smile International in Gjakova and the palliative care team in Kacanik, for specialised mattresses to help with their care of patients who are bedridden. We also had a number of other medical supplies and items which needed to be delivered and as we had no vehicles going to Kosova ourselves we enlisted the help of Hope and Aid who deliver humanitarian aid to Kosova twice a year to do the job for us.


The Hope and Aid lorry left England at the beginning of April and arrived just before we did at Easter. The mattresses and other items were delivered to Smile and Kacanik shortly after their arrival in Kosova and within days were put to use.

A big thank you to Arjo Huntleigh for helping us source the mattresses and to Andrew McCullough and Phillip Dewar  who transported the goods to the Hope and Aid pickup point in the Midlands and of course to Hope and Aid.