Easter in Kosova 2013

After all the months and weeks of planning and organising, the jeep and trailer finally left Belfast on route to Kosova last night filled with toys, medical supplies and other items requested by our friends in Kacanik.The drivers Darren McGarrity, Andrew McCullough and Phillip Dewar were all in good spirits and looking forward to their road trip.  They would expect to cross into France this afternoon.

The toys are going out to the toy library and the medical supplies to the health house in Kacanik. Thanks to everyone who has supported this project, without your help and encouragement it just wouldn’t have been possible.

Michael Leech along with Colin and Gail should arrive in Kosova late this evening.  Michael and Colin will make a start on the work still left to do in the vaccination clinic tomorrow and will be helped by the drivers when they arrive. Hopefully it will be finished by the time we all leave next weekend. Local workmen have most the structual work done already.

Gail will be visting families in Peja and Pristina and organanising kids clubs in Kacanik.

Alongside the work to be done this will be a time spent with friends, both local and international, supporting them and encouraging them in their daily lives which at times can be very difficult.