Cash for Clobber – a great way to raise funds

We are still collecting for cash for clobber if you need a collection contact us at

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have taken part in our Cash for Clobber fund raising initiative which has been running for the last few months so far £1500 has been raised from the bags collected.

We hope to keep running this very lucrative scheme so if you have any old clothes, shoes or bed linen please contact us to arrange delivery or collection of filled bags or if you need bags, alternatively black bin bags can be used.

For more information contact us at

Cash for Clobber


The Kosova Support Group

Let us help you get rid of all your

unwanted clothing and as well as helping the

environment, as the clothing etc

collected is recycled, you will be helping the group raise funds as we are paid for each bag collected.

Bags can be filled with

all types of clothing

Bags & Shoes

(please tie shoes together using laces)

Hats & Belts

Towels & Curtains

· Bed Linen

(sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers)