Ambulances to Kosova at Easter 2010

Easter 2010 will see the delivery of two more ambulances to Kosova by the Kosova Support Group. One will go to the hospital in Prizren and the other to the medical centre in Hani i Elezit.

There is a huge need for these emergency vehicles which will leave Belfast on Thursday 1st April and if all goes to plan will arrive in Kosova by Sunday 4th April. It is impossible to adequately describe the difference these ambulances.

As well as the two ambulances being delivered at Easter to Prizren and Hani i Elezit a small team will be flying out to do some practical building work on a community centre in Kacanik. This essential remedial work will allow more people to use the centre where they can come along and meet up with other people with similar needs as themselves weather that is a physical disability or for basic education or to cover health issues they can all be covered in the centre on a day to day basis. And although the centre is operational at the moment it is only operating at a 5th of its potential.As well as the delivery of the ambulances there is also a small building team going out to Kacanik a town in southern Kosova at Easter to help with essential building work on the community centre in the town.