In 2001 when Colin and Gail first visited Kosova it was to a town in the west of Kosova, Peja. Peja is an hour an a half’s drive from Pristina and during the war it was almost completely destroyed and the majority of it’s population were forced to flee as refugees to Montenegro and Albania.

Up until 2005 all of their work was centered in Peja and over the years they have watched it grow from the ashes to a vibrant and busy town once again.

They still visit Peja regularly and continue their work with the Women’s Wellness Centre or Safe House, a centre for victims of domestic violence and continue with family visits to a number of families in the area.

The Rruga e Paques Chiurch is still a very important part of their ties to Peja.  The guidance and direction they have received from Gani Smolicia the Pastor and his wife Adile both spiritual and cultual has been invaluable and Gail was privilaged to be part of their 10 year anniversary celebration in September 2012.